10 Hairstyles To Try With Indo-Western Outfits

10 Hairstyles To Try With Indo-Western Outfits

When picking an Indo-Western outfit for yourself, it’s not enough to just don some junk jewelry and accessories to gowith your dress; one simply cannot neglect the way one’s hair are made.

We realize that when picking out the best getup for yourself, you also want to take special care with your hairdos and often find yourself in doldrums because there are not enough easy and trendy hairstyles to go with your wear.

Solving that anomaly today, here are ten of the best hairdos that are easy to get done and at the same style carry a dash of fashion and style.  

1. Braiding It Down

When it comes to Indo Western wear, there’ snothing that complements your outfit better than a well- made braid that end ows you with the simplicity of Indian wear and at the same time gives you all the amount of style that you could possibly need provided you’re wearing an intricately made braid.

You can choose to go for a simple braid but we advise you to turn to Dutch braids, French Braids or Fish Plaits instead. The sebraids are easy to make and are Indian enough to accompany your outfit and Western enough to help you stand your ground in a throng of people.

2. Messy Bun

A bun is something that our mothers have been donning with all the grace of an Indian Goddess, with their sarees and their kurtis, but when we switch to a mix of both Indian and Western Wear we need to splash this hairstyle with our own tint and humor. Thus we transcend from a simple bun to a messy bun instead.

Start by roughly tying your hair into a pony,take the lower end of your hair and gently twist them and hold for some five minutes and let loose. Now tie your hair up into a bun and hold them up with the help of pins. Voila! You have the most casual, relaxed and trendy hair do that will get you rocking with your choice of Indo-Western wear. 

3. Hair Bow

A classic way to do your hair is taking a part of them from the front and clutching or tying them up at the back, letting the rest flow down freely. But here’s a hairstyle, that carries all the virtues of this customary hairstyle and at the same time has its own quirky tint to it,perfectly befitting your dress.

The hair bow ties your hair back with a nicely styled bow that’ll make heads turn. Start by simply tying your hair back into a partial pony, pull this section of your hair up into the hair tie, so that the form an outward bulge, part them into two equal sections and pin them on either side of your central tie such that they take the form of a bow. Twist the rest of your hair up and over the hair tie in order to hide it- the perfect natural looking bow is at your service!

4. Natural Waves

If you wish to leave your hair open but don’t know how to style it in order that they may not look simply put down, we have got just the right trick for you that you can go ahead and use at any given time of the day.

All you need is a curler- Start by tying your hair into two ponies and curl them both up individually, if you don’t have a curler, you can simply dampen your strands a bit and turn them around your fingers for a good five minutes or so. Finally open your hair from their ties and let them fall down to give them a natural wavy look. This simple hairstyle goes well with your Indo-Western wear for it is both simple and makes you look relaxed and fit for what you’re wearing.

5. Side Braid Tied Up

When wearing your outfit, a great choice is to tie your hair up and show off your neck and shoulders, that go on to high light your face along with your dress. The Pixie bun is an easy way to give your hair a chic pull up. 

Simply tie your hair into two braids, take one from either side and turn it over the front of your scalp to meet the opposite ear, repeat the same process for the other side. If your hair is long, pin the braid at the edge of the opposite ear and turn them further back and pin them again at mid scalp, letting the rest fall.  

6. Side Braid

Braids will continue to work magic with any Indo-Western style clothing. Here is another classy style that will flawlessly complement the attire that you have chosen which turns a simple braid into a suave one.  

Start by braiding your hair up top and continue to plait them towards any one side of your choice, take the remaining of your loose hair from the opposite end and incorporate them with the rest of your plaits. Cheers to one hairstyle that will never fail to highlight the beauty of your face.

7. Side Sweep

A splendid option for those who love to leave their hair open and are looking for a happening way to do so, instead of simply letting them down, the side sweep is going to be your best friend if you have long hair that you wish to flaunt.

Part your hair from the extreme end of one side of your scalp, take the rest and turn them around the back of your neck to fall over the opposite side of your chest. Dampen them slightly and take a curler and style them away to your heart’s content. It’s really as easy as that to look effortlessly beautiful in your chosen garb. 

8. Over-tied Pony

The standard pony has also made the cut to our list of best hairdos for Indo-Western outfits, but with a kinky touch. You can turn this simple hairdo to suit your trendy attire and keep company with your fashion statement.

It’s an easy fix- tie your hair into a single knot pony, or simply hold them with a hair tie, continue to tie sections of your hair with multiple ties over and over again, as many number of times as you please. An easy way to do your hair, it is bound to complete your outfit. 

9. Tri-Ponies

Another way to twist the classic pony into something more chic and voguish. Simply tie back you front hair once, taking sections from either side of your mid scalp and letting the rest fall down freely, now tie the mid-section side hair in a similar fashion and repeat the process one last time for the lowest division of your hair. You can now choose to leave your hair freely falling at the back or turn them around your neck such that they fall at the front.

10. Three Tucks Loose Bun

Buns are the go to hairdos when it comes to wearing something Indian. But here we need them to complement the Western side of our outfit as well- the Three Tuck Bun does exactly this for you.

Loosely tie your hair into three separate ponies, take one and curve it down to tuck it into the band of the middle pony,repeat the same for the pony at the other end. Repeat the process over until most of your hair is tied, if your hair is long, you can leave the rest of them loose and allow them to fall on your back.  

With these hairstyles up your sleeve, you are duly armored to glam the fashion world with your choice of hairdo. Not only are these styles easy to get done but at the same time they have all the quirks you                                                                                                                                                                                                       need to help you be your own person no matter where y

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