10 Indo-Western Fashion Ideas From The Best Lakme Fashion Weeks

Indo-western trends have been setting the fashion worldablaze with their quirky designs and styles. This season too we see some amazing Indo-Western fashion ideas stealing the glam world’s limelight in the Lakme Fashion Week that has long been known for its trend-setting abilities.

Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) has earned recognition as one of India’s most prestigious fashion shows that takes place twice a year, run through a conjoined effort between cosmetic brand Lakmé and Reliance, which has made a name for itself in fashion, entertainment marketing and management; the fashion show was envisioned to allow Indian fashion to gain a foothold in the global fashion scene.

Here are some of the best Indo-Western Fashion conceived in the walkway of the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week.

1.  Baroque Anarkali Gown – Rohit Bal

One of the leading designers in the fashion industry, RohitBal, came up with the excellent idea of the baroque Anarkali Gown. The Baroquepattern refers to a highly ornamented and decorated piece of designer clothing.The gown features an excellent combination of the Indian Anarkali, transformed into something of a Western gown, and not only that, it also has the added feature of a poncho around the shoulders- another blend of the Indian with the Western. The elegant gown will steal the show for you on any festive occasion.

2. Salwar Jumpsuit – I Am Design

Fashioned under the wing of the Designer Firm- I Am Design,here is something that will blow the mind of any fashion bon vivant. A most incredible mix of the traditional salwar, worn all over the country and the very American Jumpsuit, that has Western-outfit written all over it, the Salwar Jumpsuit deserves to be called the best fusion of Indo- Western that we have seen so far.The dress may not only be worn on special occasions but may also be easily donned for a casual day, when you’re feeling funky.

3. Salwar & Off-Shoulder Poncho – Jayanti Reddy

Jayanti Reddy has been a vital part of the Lakme Fashion week and the Indian Fashion Industry for a long time now and she had duly given her splendid inputs to the fashion world now and again.

The Salwar and off-shoulder poncho, crafted by the most witty Reddy, left the audience gaping at the flanks of the Lakme runway. The garara-like loose pants, with the most chic silken look, come together beautifully with a poncho that hangs off the shoulder in a beautiful manner.

The dress may be easily worn to any occasion, be it modern or traditional.  One may as easily attend a wedding, wearing this outfit, asone may attend a club.

4. Skirt Chooridar- Garo

Now here’s what we could call a very bold stride by Garo. The traditional chooridar pants have been unambiguously mixed with a pleated skirt and topped by a tight, body fitting jacket, decorated with ethnic patterns. If you want to leave your mark anywhere in the whole entire planet, this dress will do it for you.

The most singular hybrid- the skirt chooridar, fashioned by Garo is a must have for all those who are on the lookout of doing the extraordinary.

5. Sheer Asymmetric Top & Pants – Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla, one of the brightest stars of the fashion industry seems to have come up with a dress that is clearly Indo-Western in its basic design. Although it has no decorative, blatant patterns that mark a regular Indian dress- its design is definitely Indian.

The netted Kurta is nicely blended with loose pants and can easily be worn with a salwar or chooridar pajamas. The dress is a definite trend-setter and one simply has to add it in one’s closet, as the piece successfully showcases great suave and class.

6. Indian Patterns with a Slashed Skirt – Rahul Mishra

Here’s a layered outfit that mixes the Indian bandhini (tie and dye) pattern in a scarf, tucked under a belt, with a jacket and a slashed skirt, in a mixed earthy palette.

Rahul Mishra, who has never failed to amaze people with his mesmerizing creations, has again come out with something highly unique and versatile. All constituents of the dress can be mixed with some thing or the other. On some days you might just choose to wear the skirt with a top of your choice or just the jacket with preferred bottoms and on other days you can simple wrap the colorful scarf around your shoulders.

7. Fringed Saree with Bandeau Top – I Am Design

 I am design has also come up with another Indo-Western mutant in the fashion week.The exquisite saree has been decorated with geometrical patterns, very much Indian in their origin, but the regular blouse has been conveniently substituted by the Bandeau top!

This top gives you the style that you need, all the while wearing something purely Indian in its essence. This top may also be coupled with anything that you might be in the mood for- be it a skirt, top or jeans.

8. Shorts with Dupatta & Crop Top – P.E.L.L.A.

A real ground-breaker, this dress by P.E.L.L.A,is something that will definitely leave its mark in the fashion world for a very long time. The mud-colored shorts, reaching high above the waist, are beautifully topped with a crop top- which is highly pleasing in all its simplicity. It is then added with a chunni that is wrapped loosely around the shoulders and left freely from the top of the body which stunningly accentuates the whole attire. Again, a must-have for all those people who are into the trending fashion- this dress was one of the show stealers in the Lakme fashion week.

9. Lehenga & Off-Shoulder Fringe Choli – Shriya Som

Want to glam up and bedazzle all the people surrounding you? Shriya Som, one of India’s most prolific designers has come up with something that will successfully fulfil your needs of being the star of the show.

Beautifying the traditional Indian Lehenga, with floral decorations and a train that is usually found in traditional Western gowns or formal dresses, Som has gone a step ahead and adorned her attire with another West tinted idea. The choli has not been left free of the Western influence, and has been decorated with lovely golden fringes- a purely Western concept.

10. Kurti Dress & Pants – Garo

In this Indo western outfit, a front-slit-dress/kurta is attached to a slit skirt and is paired with silk pants. Perhaps not the newest of ideas, Garo still managed to stun audience with the high waist chooridar and the contrasting kurta, made to look like a jacket that has been adorned with a contrasting slit kurti.

The contrast is most appropriately placed and Garo deserved due recognition for the remaking of an idea that has long been in trend.

So, if you’re a fashion follower, a fashion queen or aregular, friendly neighborhood average joe; we are sure that something from Lakme fashion week is sure to meet your Indo-Western needs. Having these dresses not only allows you to have something that sets you apart in the society,but also lets you play the dual role of being a traditional as well a Western fashion queen.   

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