11 High-End Indian Designers That Offer Stunning Indo-Western Outfits For Women

The year 2019 is here, and it brings with it a whole new season of celebrations, festivities and other joyous occasions. And along with the aforementioned occurrences, there comes a need to have the right dress to wear. In the year 2018, we saw that Indo-Western style of clothing to be top pick of the season and, as the early trends are indicative, that same can be expected to happen this year. So, it is a good idea to know exactly which designers offer the best possible designs in the country so that you can fill your wardrobe with outfits that will make you the bell of the ball anywhere you go. Here are the 11 most popular designers who create the most stunning, high-end, Indo-Western outfits that you can find on the market.

  • Ridhi Mehra

At the forefront of the latest fashion trends in the country, one name can be seen clearly. Ridhi Mehra. This designer has created a name for herself in an industry that is battleground on the best of days. Ridhi Mehra not only has a background in fashion design from the National Institute of Fashion in Delhi, but she also has a degree in business management from Nottingham in the United Kingdoms. Her qualifications not only made her equipped to create wearable marvels, but give her a sharp business acumen as well. Ridhi Mehra, who started her label (named ‘Ridhi Mehra’) in the year 2011, was inspired by the traditions of Europe, and those of India. She decided to bring them together in her awe-inspiring new collection. Her designs have not only floored the general public, but garnered the attention and patronage of Bollywood royalty such as Deepika Padukone, Huma Qureshi and Karishma Kapoor.

  • Shantanu & Nikhil

Ethnic wear is always a good choice, as it is deeply connected to our roots. However, sometimes, the style of clothing doesn’t seem to keep up with modern times. At is at moments such as these that a spark of innovation is necessary. Shantanu & Nikhil have always been progressive in their vision of fashion and culture. Their experimentation with the traditional Indian outfits, breaking the norms of male and female clothing has been revolutionary. Their ability to fuse Indian and Western couture was also put in the spotlight when they set the catwalk on fire with their Greek inspired drapes and dress at their 2016 Fall Collection fashion show.

  • Falguni & Shane Peacock

If you wanted to sum up the entire Falguni & Shane Peacock collection in one word, that word would be decadence. For years, this designer duo has created one awe-inspiring outfit after another. Each of them shine, as if studded with a galaxy of infinite diamonds. While their creations undoubtedly look spectacular, they are also a structural marvel. Each of their outfits have to be carefully crafted, keeping in mind comfort, resilience and majesty of presence.

  • Gauri and Nainika

There is something of an old world charm in the designs of Gauri and Nainika that seems to be missing from the Avant Garde and minimalist world of fashion these days. Their creations are charming, with wistful flows and curves. It takes us back to a simpler time, one filled with grace and elegance. The pair of designers also to love making looks that pay homage to the golden age of movies. Not only Bollywood, but Hollywood as well. Which is why much of their outfits harken back to the smashing seventies. They are exceptionally popular for their floor length gowns, with celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt being loyal customers.

  • Monisha Jaising

It is hard to put a finger on Monisha Jaising’s sources of inspiration, since there are so many of them. The incredibly talented designer has created some of the most sought after gowns to have ever graced the Indian market. At a quick glance one can identify certain hints of European influence, married with traditional Indian clothing, such as sarees. In the words of the designer herself, her creations, especially her latest ones, are inspired from her treasured memories of opera houses, their attendants and the way the performers dressed themselves.

  • Pankaj & Nidhi

Pankaj & Nidhi are a designer couple you want you to come on a journey with them. A journey, not just of fashion, but also one of nature. For you see, one of the greatest source of innovation for them is the bountiful wealth of Mother Nature. Pankaj & Nidhi’s workd has always incorporated earthy colours, metallic sheen, and nature inspired embroidery. Their recent line of clothing has ventured into Indo-Western fusion leading to the creation of stunning floor length gowns, body suits and even Japanese inspired kimonos.

  • Shivan & Narresh

One of the complaints with cutting edge fashion has been that it looks too formal and sophisticated. There are occasions where you want to flaunt the latest fashion, but in a laid back and comfortable manner.  Designers Shivan and Narresh had the exact same idea in maind when they made their own clothing line. Their outfits are contemporary and exciting, but at the same time relaxing and fun to wear. They have, time and again, taken Western articles of clothing, such as bikinis, gowns, robes, etc. and married them with Indian prints and embroidery. The result is a fantastic collection that will become the star of any wardrobe it is in.

  • Ridhima Bhasin

Ridhima Bhasin’s name will probably enter every bridal attire conversation without fail. She has been making some of the most unique and iconic bridal dresses for the past few years. Her expertise has garnered her a massive following online, and made her a compulsory addition in every clothing outlet worth mentioning. Ridhima Bhasin’s style could be defined as traditional, with a generous addition of contemporary flair.

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  • Anju Modi

Kings and queens have always been seen as the epitome of grace, poise and elegance. Much of styling has been adapted into our attires today, and into that of the fashionably forward. Anju Modi was not only inspired by such royal clothing, but she even designed them for cinematic presentations. Her creations were worn by Bollywood superstars Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra in the blockbuster movie Bajirao Mastani. Since 2018, Anju Modi has also begun to incorporate Victorian era homages in her outfits. The designer told the media that she wished she could have lived the in Victorian era Britain, as she loved their fashion, culture and literature. Through her new line of clothing, this love is quite evident.

  • Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre is an internationally recognised name when it comes to bridal attire. She defines high-end fashion in India and has maintained the spot at the top for a number of years. What immediately draws your attention to Anita Dongre is the amazing Rajasthani design of her clothing. All of them are meticulously crafted by hand by local artisans, which gives you the most authentic product that you can ever buy. But Anita Dongre didn’t stop at that. She has pushed the wedding collection into the future by incorporating Western ideas, making her collection unlike any other.

  • Rohit Bal

A renowned name in India, Rohit Bal is a fashion icon. He has inspired a whole generation of designers with his bold ideas, dazzling creativity and the intoxicating allure of his clothing. While there is perhaps no style of fashion that Rohit Bal has not experimented with, his latest line, called Guldastah, has garnered him critical acclaim from all corners of the haute couture world. A tribute the beauty of Kashmir and its Valley of Flowers, the clothing line sports floral patterns embroidered in the artistic style of the great Renaissance painters of Europe, such as Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci. There couldn’t possibly be a combination more enticing than this. An outfit from this collection will be an item that you will treasure to days to come.

These 11 designers have created outfits that are ready to fashionably usher you into the new year. All of these dresses are stunning and can create a look that is striking and unforgettable. As 2019 starts, these outfits will give you the confidence to be yourself, try new experiences and boldly take on the world. 

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