7 Indian dance forms that transformed into indo western dance forms!

You can astoundingly convey your thoughts and emotions through your body movement. The inimitable way to communicate is dance. The eyes, body gestures and facial expressions all have a say on the dance platform. The Indian dance employs a number of hand gestures and mudras. What happens if Indian dance gets transformed into western dance?

Through mythology and true stories of renowned people, the classical dancer focuses on meditation and story-telling. On the other side, the western dance serves as the expression of action. Specificity and complexity are found in classical dance due to their jewelry, makeup, and costume.  Both classical and western dance is expressive but former is reflective and the later is dramatic.

Dance lovers! Do you know that Indian forms of dance can be transformed into Indo western dance type? Hold your breath, if you are excited to know about the western dance forms which are altered from the Indian dance form.

Here I will throw light on the Indian dance forms that can be changed into Indo western dance type. Let’s move ahead to identify the same.

7 Indian dance forms that transformed into Indo western dance forms


It is considered the finest form of Indian classical dance which took its origin in the state of Tamil Naidu in the South of India. During festive seasons or at the time of worship, the temple dancers perform the dance activity. This well-recognized dance is changed into Indo western dance form by making use of hand gestures and steps of legs.


It has been stemmed from the traveling bards of North India. The legendary stories are communicated by the Kathakars by employing music, dance, and songs. In Muslim and Hindu communities, the Khatak is famous. The steps of khatak can be changed into western form.


Hand gestures, footwork, expressions and body movements are involved in this particular type of dance. Here you will find the unique combinations of bodily movements. It displays dance-drama performances and can take western steps to represent the variety of dance.


It is the Punjabi dance where you will see enthusiasm and energy in complete form. In lungis and colorful turbans, the dancers show there feeling of excitement and happiness. This lively dance makes use of feet movements to carry out the steps of a western dance.


In Gujarat, Garba is famous. During the time of ‘Navratri’ festival, the folk performs the bodily movement in the respect of goddess Amba. The performers change the bodily movements or steps on the rhythm of the music.


Here performers involve the combination of abhinaya, speech and pure dance. On the basis of the drama content, the dancers play different types of roles. In this dance drama, the performers can take the western steps as per the music.


The dancers make use of head, bust, and torso to perform the steps. It is performed in the state of Odisha. ‘Maharis’ or female temple servants are involved to perform this dance. This dance can be performed in the form of western in a trivial way to give the touch of Indo western dance.

From the above-mentioned points,, you can make out the ways which reveal how the Indian dance forms can be transformed into Indo western form. 

Conclusive thought

Aesthetic and symbolic value is added to the dance. It is the performing art where performers or dancers make use of body movements. Every state has their own particular dance.  Some types of Indian dance can be altered into western style. In this piece of writing, you will get to know the top seven famous dances which can be transformed into western style to give you the result of Indo western touch. Undeniably, the audience will enjoy the Indo western dance in the way they appreciate Indian dance.

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