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Indo Western Fusion Style

What is indo western?

The power of human ingenuity and creativity knows no bound and hence when east met west owing to globalization, the human creativity came into play for giving us something extremely mesmerizing and gorgeous that everybody could fall in love with. Yes, we are talking about the Indo western trends which are popularly known as fusion style. Carrying the essence of the Indian ethnicity, the Indo western trends definitely have a western flair. While some call it desi with a twist, others argue that this style is pretty much western but, no matter which side does this style lean on, we all would agree that it is stylish, trendy and extremely beautiful.

Why it came into play?

With increased globalization, cultures and traditions from west started flooding in the Indian subcontinent. While the youngsters get accompanied to the new and western trends and decided to drench themselves completely in western flair, some others argued that traditional styles should not at all be replaced with the western culture and if we let them go, we would discard our own culture. With so much going on, some smart innovators decided to blend both Indian and western crux as one whole unit and the result of this concoction is popularly known as the Indo western style.

What all could be included in indo western?

Well, if you blend anything from India or Indian subcontinent with the western flair, the result is indeed indo-western but, the most popular things that came across our minds when we think about it are indo western dance, indo western music, indo western clothing, indo western cuisine, indo western jewelry and indo western art.

Why are we here?

Well, we do have a personal knack for the Indo western fusion swag. We love it but above all, we believe that while it is easy to find indo western clothing, indo western music and other indo western things separately somewhere on the cyberspace, finding everything Indo western at one place is next to impossible hence, we decided to make a unique space for all the indo western lovers who want to know and try everything that has the fusion swag.