History of Indo Western Clothing

The onset of Indo western clothing

When it comes to Indian Fashion industry, the experimentation seems like a never ending affair. From trying new fabrics and embroidery to making use of various dyes, stitching styles and patterns, all seems so obvious in Indian fashion industry but, the thing that marked a remarkable new beginning in the world of fashion industry is the onset of Indo-western era in Indian fashion clothing industry. The whole transformation took place during 1960s and 1970s when western fashion started absorbing elements of Indian clothing industry and vice versa.  However, it was in 1980s and 1990s that the indo western clothing trend sparked a rage among the fashion savvy people and the craze is still on.

indo western clothing

By the turn of the modernized 21st century, the essence of both Indian and western clothing intermingled extremely well and the trend of Indo western clothing became almost a unique fashion revolution enthusiastically popular among the contemporary women. Moreover with the economic liberalization, more job opportunities popped up for the women demanding comfortable yet chic clothing options and nothing could suffice the charm, elegance, grace and comfort of the indo western clothing that made it extremely popular among Indian women and the women worldwide.

Pretty soon, the trend of this unique style adopted a glam look with intricate designs, contemporary modifications and elaborate prints and patterns making them an ideal option for festivities and celebrations too.  The multiculturalism in fashion designing allowed incorporating traditional Indian textiles, techniques, crafts and more in western clothing and vice-versa giving rise to mesmerizing contemporary indo western fashion ensembles.

These statement styles are an apt choice to make anyone stand out in the crowd so, if you want to be in-vogue, you have to go indo-western.

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