History of Indo Western Cuisine

Indo western cuisine: For the taste that lasts

We all know that blending elements from two different culture and traditions always led to the development of something so mesmerizing and amazing that it is really hard to resist and when it comes to blending foods and flavors from different culinary traditions, we get something so yummy and delicious that it almost seems impossible to stay away from it. The early traces of fusion cuisines could be spotted years and years back but, the innovation of many contemporary fusion restaurant cuisines in 1970s is one of the most notable one. The combination of various elements of different culinary traditions gave rise to fusion cuisine and it cannot be categorized in any particular cuisine style.

indo western cuisine

When we talk about fusion cuisine, we don’t specially talk about Indo western cuisine as fusion cooking is a broader class often involving the combination of various cuisines from a region or sub region. So, when we talk about Asian fusion restaurants, we combine the culinary elements of different Asian countries and this has become outrageously popular in the US and UK. Similarly, Californian cuisine restaurants offer various fusion dishes that are not specially indo western but, this fusion cooking took inspiration from France, Italy and Mexico. Basically when it comes to fusion cooking, the traditional dishes of various countries are often cooked with the non-traditional ingredients. The other popular fusion cuisines are Tex-Mex (Southwestern United states and Mexican) and Pacific Rim cuisine (Various island nations).

Similarly in other countries like United Kingdom and Australia, the increasing influx of the migrants resulted in the origin of various fusion cuisines by combining various elements of different cuisine of the world and it is becoming increasingly popular at numerous cafes and restaurants. But, it comes to Indian fusion cuisines; there are various noted ones that are prepared adapting the various local tastes and local cuisines.

When it comes specifically to Indian fusion cooking or indo western cuisines, the globalization resulted in varied options and tastes. Adaption to local tastes resulted in various local cuisines and the Indian dishes with little modification and fusion gained popularity throughout the world owing to its awesome taste. For this reason, Indo western restaurants could be easily spotted in Canada, US, UK China, Middle East and other parts of the world. According to the survey by the Washington post, 1200 Indian food products with a little fusion of western taste have been introduced in the United States since 2000. All these Indo western foods are based on one culture and are prepared using flavors and ingredients from the other culture but, they taste so yummy that they are hard to resist.

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