Over the many years of constant indulgence in style and fashion, we’ve come to realise that it is the attention to the minutest of details that will either make or break our outfits. The clarity of cuts, the intricacy of the embellishments, the choice of colours and patterns and most importantly, the neckline, every little detail contributes wonders to the making of a bespoke ensemble.

Necklines, being one of the most important particulars to pay heed to, can very effortlessly transition a simple and boring outfit into one that is all things chic and glamorous. Considering the current trend of fusing Indie with Western, here’s a list of the most elegant and wearable necklines for Indo-Western Kurtis which will amp up your garb within a finger-snap.

  • Boat Neck

Very quintessential to Indo-Western outfits, boat necks are the most elegant of all necklines that can be featured on a kurta. Be it bold prints, subtle prints, block prints, it gives an extraordinary look to any ensemble. On kurtas made of heavy fabrics like silk, it makes the outfit look festive ready. Infuse a deep back to a boat neck kurta to make it elegant and sexy, all at the same time.

  • Round Neck

The round neck is the most classic of all necklines. Not much of a skin show makes it the aptest neckline for a formal work environment or a casual college day as well. Round necks may tend to give an illusion of a shorter neck because of the lack of neck and shoulder portion on display, therefore, it is advisable to opt for a midi length or a floor-length kurta when going for a round neck as it generally elongates the rest of the body structure, saving you from looking short.

  • V-Neck

If you wish to accentuate those slender and beautiful collar bones of yours, you must go for a V neck. It unveils only the right amount of skin on your body and you can get away with look sexy, without having to go bold. In this case, you could easily opt for a knee-length or even shorter kurta as the neckline already lengthens the neck area so, you don’t have to worry for looking short.

  • Deep-V Neck

Deep Vs are high on trend this season and if you don’t really mind showing a little more skin, then this trend is entirely for you. This neckline is best suited on heavy outfits made for a celebratory purpose it also provides a break to the busyness of the outfit with a little show of skin while making it look very glamorous.

  • Collar

Collar necklines make for a subtle, casual yet stylish look. An addition of the button detail and the light collar slit adds a lot of elements to the garment. Collar necklines suit longer necks the most, as for shorter necks they tend to cover the entire neck area giving an illusion of an even shorter neck, which of course we don’t desire. Teamed with heavy silhouettes, this neckline also makes for a very elegant event look, making you look all desi and on point.

  • Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulders were on a blast this year where you could spot every other person sporting it so seamlessly. A little show of skin can definitely take the look of an outfit up a notch. Making its mark on the western couture, cold shoulders have made their way through the Indian wardrobes as well. This neckline looks very elegant yet so stylish. A light printed kurta with a signature cold shoulder will make for a perfect look for girls’ day out.

  • Angrakha Neck

A nice tie-up detail never hurts anyone, especially when it is so trendy. Angrakha necklines can be featured in both, casual wear and event wear. It ties up on the side of the neck, forming a V neckline for the neck. A note to keep in mind while shopping for these necklines is to ensure that the kurta fits you very well around the waist and most importantly accentuates your curves, otherwise, the garment might end up looking very boxy on your body and we definitely don’t live for that.

  • High Neck

High necks are a very contemporary winter fashion trend which has taken up its stake on Indian fashion as well. As voguish and sophisticated as they look on western wear, their spell on Indian wear is not any less. High necks look belle as both formal office wear and evening event wear. Don’t hesitate in stocking up yourself with elaborate jewellery when you wear high neck to a traditional event with the fear of going overboard, but remember to go minimalistic with jewels when dressing up for work.

  • Halter Neck

Very young and in vogue is the halter neckline for an Indo-Western kurta. These kurta necklines look best on adolescents and young college going adults. Their forte is that they do not add age to the anyone who wears them, which generally remains a problem with other styles of kurtas. Halter neck kurtas are best for a chill-out summer day in college or a brunch date with friends. Opt for a bright colour to keep the summer vibe alive.

  • Sweetheart Neckline

For the daring ones who don’t mind going a little overboard, sweetheart necklines are the one for you. Very stylish and millennial, this neckline enhances the beauty of outfit but adding just the right amount of spice to it. For those who do not like going a little bold, the perfect way for you to rock a sweetheart neck is to layer your kurta with a front tie up jacket. You won’t be disappointed, promise.

That sums up our directory of the trendiest, most elegant necklines for Indo-Western kurtis.

Just remember to not conform to any of these guidelines as legitimate rules that cannot be broken. Keep your preferences at #1 on the priority list and wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in. Stay modish, stay beautiful.

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